The Chinese telecom giant Huawei will likely be able to do business with American companies again within two weeks. Reuters news agency reports based on an insider info. The Americans will do this by granting certain licenses to American companies. Huawei itself would remain on the black list.

The Chinese company and the Chinese government called on the United States last week to finally implement commitments to ease the heavy export restrictions around Huawei. President Donald Trump promised to end the blockade at the end of last month, but that has still not happened.

The Americans blacklisted the company earlier because Huawei would ‘pose a threat to national security’. Washington suspects Huawei of close ties with the Chinese government and accuses the company of espionage practices.

Huawei itself denies the accusations and would really like to be removed from the blacklist. “The restrictions must be completely removed, rather than temporary licenses being granted to US companies,” said a spokesperson.

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