Apple is adjusting the App Store rules for displaying advertisements and gathering data in children’s apps. The new rules are on the web page for Apple developers.

In some cases, data gathering software is allowed in child apps according to the new guidelines. The services are then not allowed to collect information that can identify the children. This includes data such as names, birth dates and locations.

Third-party advertisements are also permitted in some cases. The services must, however, keeo their working method and agreements concerning child apps public. The advertisements must also be checked by employees, to ensure that they are suitable for children.

In May, it was announced that Apple would make it more difficult for third parties to track user behavior in children’s apps. The company implied that no analysis programs or third-party advertisements were accepted in the apps at all.

Developers feared that stricter rules would be harmful to their earnings models. Apple would have postponed the new restrictions afterwards.

All new apps must immediately follow the guidelines, Apple writes. Existing apps must comply with the rules “as quickly as possible”, but no later than March 3, 2020.

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