Steel company ArcelorMittal wants to pay off almost 1 billion dollars in bonds early. This was announced by the company listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

It is a loan that still has $ 324 million outstanding that would run until June 1 next year. It is also a loan that still has $ 626 million outstanding, which would run until August 5 next year. They are already being reimbursed on 30 August.

Worldwide steel production increased by 4.6 percent on an annual basis in June to 159 million tonnes. The World Steel Association announced this. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, there was a fall in production.

The world’s largest steel country, China accounted for 87.5 million tonnes of steel. That is an increase of 10 percent compared to June 2018. In India, production was 4 percent higher at 9.3 million tons. Japan and South Korea, however, produced somewhat less than in the same measurement period a year earlier. Furthermore, steel production in Brazil, Turkey and Ukraine decreased.

The United States increased production by more than 3 percent to 7.3 million tonnes. Germany and Italy declined in the European Union. France and Spain, on the other hand, produced more steel.

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