Bailiffs are concerned about declining sales and employment in the sector. The Royal Professional Association of Bailiffs (KBvG) has taken several initiatives for the future, but their implementation by the government takes a long time. This is apparent from the annual report of the KBvG that will be published on Friday.

The organization also believes that bailiffs should be better rewarded for their work. They are now paid for by eviction or seizure of income and goods. But a bailiff who has a solution to prevent such an eviction cannot charge it.

“That must be done differently”, says KBvG chairman Wilbert van de Donk. “Due to the current method of pricing, bailiffs are sometimes unable to prevent evictions. We must collect where possible and call in debt assistance where we need to. ”

The KBvG has also made a proposal to simplify the calculation of the seizure-free rate, the part of the income or benefit on which the bailiff may not seize. This proposal was passed as a law in 2017, but is still not in force. “That delay is indigestible,” says Van de Donk.

Thanks to the recovering economy, the number of evictions has continued to decline in recent years. In 2018 there were a total of 5400 evictions.

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