Sales of non-alcoholic beer increased by more than 30 percent in 2018 than in previous years. This is stated in the annual beer consumption figures of Nederlandse Brouwers, the umbrella organization for beer breweries. Since 2010, the consumption of this so-called 0.0 beer has grown more than five times.

Specialty beer is also still on the rise. The rapidly increasing range of low-alcohol specialty beers is striking. This growth of specialty beers and of 0.0 are the main causes of beer consumption in Europe increased by almost 3 percent.

Dutch brewers, who say they together account for 95 percent of beer production in Netherlands, predict that ‘conscious enjoyment’ will continue. This is in line with

“both the trend of increasingly responsible use of alcohol and falling alcohol consumption, and the popularity of specialty beers”.

The increasing popularity of specialty beer is apparent from a 10.2 percent increase in consumption in 2018. The total Dutch beer market is increasing by 2.8 percent. Exports is also increased.

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