The European Commission agrees, subject to conditions, to the takeover of German energy company Innogy by its counterpart E.ON. To be able to incorporate Essent’s parent company, E.ON has to sell a number of parts. This is announced by EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager of Competition.

Brussels opened an in-depth investigation into the deal earlier this year. In a number of countries, the deal could have negative effects for consumers, it emerged.

To be able to take over Innogy, E.ON has to dispose of all Czech parts for the supply of gas and electricity to households. The Germans must take a similar step in Hungary. An exit from charging points and electric heating is prescribed for the German home market.

The acquisition of Innogy, which is still owned by the German energy company RWE, is part of a complex deal between E.ON and RWE. The intention is for E.ON to focus more on distribution and sale of energy and gas to households. RWE should eventually specialize in producing energy and selling to larger customers.

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