Financial activist Pieter Lakeman is pretty sure that ING boss Ralph Hamers will eventually be prosecuted for money laundering at the bank. He said that after a closed session at the court in The Hague. During that session, the central question was whether Lakeman and his Corporate Information Investigation Foundation (SOBI) are so-called stakeholders in criminal prosecution.

“If this bump has been overcome, I am pretty sure we can nail Hamers to the pole,” Lakeman said. He blames Hamers for having known, among other things, the lack of supervision of money laundering practices at the bank. ING was fined 775 million euros, but the top of the bank was left out. Koos Timmermans, financial director at ING, left in the aftermath of the affair.

The court will decide in six weeks whether SOBI and Lakeman are party to this case. ING once again pointed out that this is a matter between the Public Prosecution Service (OM) and Lakeman. ING was also not invited to the session.

An ING spokesperson again referred to the settlement and stated that it could only be a prosecution of the bank and not a prosecution of the chief executive. Extensive research into this has also been done by the OM. This is disputed by Lakeman.

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