Video information and database website IMDb will launch streaming service IMDb TV in Europe. According to the site, the service offering is also being expanded with thousands of new titles.

You can watch movies and series on IMDb TV. The service earns money by displaying advertisements between videos. According to IMDb, fewer advertisements are currently being shown than on television channels.

The European roll-out of IMDb TV will start later this year. It remains to be seen which countries are next.

Among others the films Captain Fantastic and La La Land are added to the platform. Fringe, Kitchen Nightmares, Duck Dynasty and The Bachelor are already on the video service.

It is not yet known whether the European offer on IMDb TV is identical to the American version. With streaming services such as Netflix, the offer varies from country to country because other parties hold licenses for films and series.

IMDb is a popular movie database. Visitors can look, among other things, in which films and series of actors played.

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