Due to a telephone failure at KPN, no telephone traffic was possible for three hours via the services of the provider and the 112 emergency number was not available. KPN has now put a claim form online with which anyone who has suffered a loss can submit a claim.

Due to the malfunction, not only KPN customers could not make calls, but everyone with a KPN connection could not be called. This caused a lot of inconvenience for both KPN customers and customers of other providers. In addition, the emergency number was not available for three hours, which also caused problems.

That is why not only customers of KPN can fill in the form, but anyone who has suffered damage can claim this from KPN. The provider writes that all claims are handled individually and that an arrangement is made where necessary.

The government is going to investigate what went wrong on June 24 and wants to see if other backup systems can be set up, so that the 112 emergency room remains accessible if such an incident occurs again.

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