The American beer brewer Lagunitas Brewing Company wants to produce bottles of its craft beer at Brand in Limburg this year, where Lagunitas has been producing draft beer since the end of last year. In the first instance it is about beer for the Dutch market. That is what Maria Stipp of Lagunitas said during a meeting in Amsterdam.

Lagunitas, which has been a full part of brewer Heineken since May 2017, has the ambitious goal of eventually becoming the number one in the specialty beer market with its main beer IPA (India pale ale). With the production in Limburg, the beer, which is already the number one craft in the US, is brewed outside the US for the first time.

Lagunitas previously opened its first international tasting room in Amsterdam, also the location for the meeting. This idea must be followed in cities such as Paris, London and Barcelona. According to Stipp, more breweries are also being looked at to brew beer there for the local market, as is currently the case with Brand. Now, except for Lagunitas draft beer for the Dutch market in Limburg, beer is brewed for the international market in Chicago.

Lagunitas prefers to start brewing at smaller local breweries in the future. The identity of local brewers fits better with the way the Americans experience their brewing process. Lagunitas is currently available in 35 countries. At the end of the year there must be forty.

In the United States, Lagunitas’ IPA accounts for 11.5 percent of the craft beer market. The brewer emphasizes that it took time and effort to reach the leading position, but it is even more difficult to maintain the position. Market leadership was already achieved before Heineken initially entered into a partnership with Lagunitas.

The Americans are happy with the cooperation with Heineken, especially because the Dutch brewer is not involved in the Lagunitas brewing process. But with the help of Heineken, Lagunitas succeeded in making international progress. “A marriage of recognition,” said Stipp.

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