There is a huge shortage of programmers in our country. There are thousands of vacancies at companies such as, ABN Amro, ANWB, Coolblue and Google. With the official opening of the Amsterdam programming school Codam by Queen Máxima this afternoon, the Netherlands will receive modern training. Codam hopes to train hundreds of programmers in the coming years.

The training is different than usual. This is free for students. And in principle everyone can register: even people without prior education or a diploma.

TomTom founder Corinne Vigreux has set up the Codam Foundation. "What is the idea behind that? At TomTom she already saw that there was a huge shortage of professional programmers," says Codam spokeswoman Lisa Stamm. "And of course she saw that at many other tech companies. She wants to do something about that."

"And more importantly, according to Vigreux, too few people have sufficient access to education. For example, because the education is too expensive or because boys and girls have not completed their school and are therefore without a diploma. They are of course lagging behind in the labor market. do something for them. "

Online test

Already 5000 people have taken the online test so far to see if programming is for them. Stamm: "Then there is a selection month. Then the candidates will learn to program for four weeks, seven days a week. So what you need here is enormous perseverance."

Mark Lokhorst (27 years old) from The Hague is crazy about the education in Amsterdam. "It's a kind of last chance for me, considering my age. HBO is not something in my direction. It's going too fast, too fast, that's not for me. You can plan your time here yourself. So if it's just too much before you get there, you can go home quietly. No one behind you. "

Because Codam has no teachers. It is intended that everyone works together and help each other.

Car accident

Martine van de Haar (29) from Rhenen once had his own company but had to drop out after a car accident. "Then I naturally wondered: what now?" She came into contact with Codam and would love to work for Tesla, Facebook or Coolblue, for example. "I'm going to try to do an internship at Flitsmeister, an app for traffic jams, speed cameras and accidents. So that you can safely hit the road."

Jorn Brinksma (20 years old) from Uffelte gave up after 4VWO. "Then I quit. I never had a good time at school. I didn't like the way they were taught. Learning things that are not useful. That doesn't suit me. I want to work on a project to be."

At Codam he would like to make a program as an ethical hacker. "What I find very interesting is learning to break into systems and also into physical buildings. That is how you first learn how to bypass security and then improve security."

Máxima visiting

Queen Máxima will be opening the new programming school this afternoon. Stamm: "With that she shows that programming is incredibly important. Technology is everywhere, from ordering a pizza via the iPhone to robots in healthcare. But more importantly: she makes clear that education must be accessible to everyone, also for people who are in danger of getting lost. Well, that's what we do here. "

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