Tumblr, a blog platform and social network that had its heyday a few years ago, has been sold to Automattic. That is the parent company of content management system WordPress.com.

How much has been paid has not been disclosed. Sources mention different amounts against news site Axios. First there was less than $ 20 million, then less than $ 10 million, and ultimately there was even talk of less than $ 3 million. With that the site seems to have gone away for a bit and the value has almost disappeared.

The site was owned by Yahoo until 2017, which paid $ 1.1 billion in 2013. At the time, it was a fast-growing start-up. The blog platform subsequently turned out not to be able to generate revenue.

Yahoo already depreciated $ 230 million of the value in 2016. Verizon bought Yahoo for $ 4.5 billion in 2017, Tumblr was part of the acquisition.

Earlier this year, owner Verizon decided to ban pornography. That was seen as a sign to make the site ready for sale; the offer of pornography could deter potential buyers. The visit to the site would then have fallen by 17 percent in one month, representing 84 million visitors.

The porn ban remains in force, Automattic CEO Matt Mullenberg tells The Wall Street Journal. He says he has been a Tumblr user for years and sees the site as complementary to WordPress.

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