Calling and texting is cheaper within the European Union from Wednesday. Calling now costs a maximum of 19 cents per minute, a text message costs a maximum of 6 cents.

The European Parliament agreed at the end of last year on maximum rates for foreign calls and text messages within the EU member states. That change will be implemented on Wednesday.

Dutch, for example, used to pay 25 to 75 cents per minute for a call to another EU country. That will be a maximum of 19 cents without VAT and up to 23 cents with VAT.

The maximum rates follow after the elimination of roaming charges within Europe in June 2017. As a result, calling, texting and using the internet cost just as much abroad as in the Netherlands. The prices of international calls were not adjusted at the time.

The maximum costs only apply for personal use and not for business customers, says the European Commission. Telecom companies within the EU must inform customers of the change.

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