Sauce producer Remia from Den Dolder sells his vegetable oil refinery in the Rotterdam port area to the Swedish AAK. The amount of money involved in the deal has not been brought out.

It concerns the MaasRefinery where smaller amounts of special oils are refined. “As Remia makes fewer and fewer use of special oils, the activities of MaasRefinery are less suitable for us ”, says Remia director Karel de Rooij. ,, We are pleased that AAK, which already has a refinery in Zaandijk, is continuing the refinery ”. Around twenty people work at the refinery.

Remia, which is also known from the brands De Marne, Gouda’s Glory and Yildriz, has a total of more than four hundred employees. The Dutch company makes sauces, margarines and fats for consumers, catering and industrial customers in more than a hundred countries. AAK is a listed group that mainly focuses on the oils and greases business, with twenty production facilities and more than 3600 employees.

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