The Netherlands is in a top five of countries where taxi rides from an airport are relatively expensive. According to, a website where people can book taxis to and from airports, the average price here is 13.40 euros for a 5-kilometer ride.

The platform compared data on taxi rides in twenty countries. Switzerland was the most expensive. For a journey of 5 kilometers, people spend around 22.68 euros there. The second most expensive country is Japan, followed by Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the survey, Egypt is the cheapest country, with a price of 0.84 euros for a 5-kilometer ride. Travelers are also advantageous in Asian countries like India (1.29 euros), Thailand (1.41 euros), Indonesia (1.68 euros) and Malaysia (1.70 euros). Many countries were not included in the study. For example, there is no data about the United States.

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