The Public Prosecution Service has demanded a prison sentence of two years against the Amsterdam real estate millionaire Klaas Hummel for fraud in the sale of ‘entertainment boulevard’ Go Planet in Enschede. Co-shareholders would have been scammed for millions, while the tax authorities would have suffered more than 5.7 million euros.

Hummel was a former business partner of the Willem Endstra liquidated in 2004. Go Planet was in the possession of Museum Vastgoed Groep until 2007, in which both Hummel and the heirs-Endstra had shares. Research by the FIOD showed that Hummel ‘stole’ the heirs, according to the Public Prosecution Service.

The ex-wife of Hummel would have acted as a straw woman. She would have been behind a Swiss company to whom Hummel. Go Planet sold far below the value through a concealing construction. A few months later, Go Planet was sold to people from Twente for a multiple of that price. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the much higher sales proceeds do not end up with the real estate group and its shareholders, but disappear into the pockets of the main suspect and his ex-wife.

According to the judiciary, tax fraud has also been committed on a large scale because of this construction. Hummel and his ex-wife invested the proceeds of 7 million euros in holiday parks. The revenues are therefore laundered, according to the OM.

The public prosecutor blamed the suspect for having dragged others into the fraud, including his ex-wife and appraisers. Against the woman, the Public Prosecutor demanded 240 hours of community service, a conditional prison sentence of six months and a fine of one tonne. The appraisers heard working sentences of 120 and 180 hours against them. Fines up to 250,000 euros have been claimed against the companies involved.

The court to announce judgment on 4 April.

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