E-cigarettes from the American brand Juul, which are banned in the European Union because of their high nicotine content, are simply for sale in the Netherlands, reports de Volkskrant. This seems to be partly due to the high demand among tourists. The newspaper found seven stores in the center of Amsterdam in two hours where Juul is sold. The e-cigarette is also easily available online.

The liquid in the e-cigarette contains 59 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid, where 20 milligrams are permitted in the EU. Furthermore, the Juul e-cigarette contains nicotine salts, which make it easier to inhale the vapor. This makes the product, in the form of a USB stick, popular with starting smokers such as young people.


Juul says to the newspaper that all products of the brand available in the Netherlands are "unauthorized" and that the company is doing everything it can to keep the e-cigarette away from young people.

However, it is in the process of developing an e-cigarette that meets the European standard. Juul (pronounced 'jewel', jewel) has a market share of 70 percent in America and is partly owned by the parent company of cigarette brand Marlboro.

TabakNee has also established that the "illegal nicotine bomb" can be obtained here without any problems. The action group has started a campaign against Juul's e-cigarette.

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