The sexy bras from Victoria’s Secret get out of fashion, and that hurts at parent company L Brands. The company came late last night with disappointing figures for the last three months of 2018.

Compared with the last quarter of 2017, Victoria’s Secret sold 3% less. This is partly because women prefer to spend their money on a good-looking bra than on an attractive piece of lingerie, writes news website CNBC. Young women now spend one third of their lingerie budget on sports bras.

“The brands are no longer wanted”, observes Randal Konik, an investment bank at Jefferies. Even discount campaigns and the unexpected resignation of Victoria’s Secret’s top woman in November could no longer save the bra sales.

In January of this year, the lingerie brand even sold 8% less than in the first month of 2018. Investors therefore leave the share heavily in the cold. Shortly after the opening of the New York Stock Exchange, the share L Brands 8.4% in the min.

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