Yoga is still very popular and it is both a way to relax and a workout. In the meantime there are different types of yoga, but what is the difference and why is yoga good for you?

Those who practice yoga can experience a lot of positive effects. It lowers stress and it is good for your mood, but it also improves breathing, and those who often practice yoga strengthen their muscles, are more flexible and that reduces the risk of injury. Meanwhile, there are different types of yoga and Business Insider spoke to a yoga instructor about the different types of yoga.

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga

This is the most famous and most popular form of yoga, it is also the basis for all other yoga variants. Here you perform different postures in a series one after the other, because you have to make smooth transitions from one posture to another, this is also called dynamic yoga. You call such a transition a vinyasa.

You can subdivide this type of yoga into: ashatanga and vinyasa yoga. With ashtanga yoga the posture is most important and with vinyasa the focus is mainly on breathing and meditation. This form of yoga is not really a solid workout, but it does require some focus. It gives you better breathing, it provides rest, relaxation and a better blood flow to the muscles.

Power yoga

Power yoga goes one step further than hatha. Here the meditation part of yoga falls away and it is more of a real workout. There is no set set of postures here and that is important because your muscles cannot get used to the exercises like this. This sportier variant makes you fitter and provides stronger and more flexible muscles.


Bikram is a separate category of yoga, a kind of combination of yoga exercises and a sauna. With this variant you perform 26 classic yoga postures in 90 minutes and they always come in the same order. There is not much variety, but this type of yoga has many advantages. Because you combine exercises with a warm environment, it ensures smoother muscles, which reduces the risk of injuries. Because it’s so hot, you sweat more easily and that helps with losing waste.


This form of yoga is a derivation of the Ashtanga yoga. Also with hatha you perform a series of postures one after the other, but here it is mainly about static postures. The best known attitude is the sun salutation. With hatha, the combination of body postures and breathing techniques is especially important to gain control over body and mind. This is a more physical yoga variant, but it also helps to reduce stress and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

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