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Behind the scenes of El Camino

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Fans have had to wait six years, but now the time has finally come: the Breaking Bad movie is on Netflix. In El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie we continue to follow the story of Jesse Pinkman. In addition to the film, Netflix has also dropped special behind the scenes footage.

“I had no idea how the movie would go”

In the special images we see how the film came about. Vince Gilligan, the director, wanted to make a film about Jesse Pinkman for years. Actor Aaron Paul also thinks this character deserves an end.

“I knew the story started where the series ended, but I had no idea how the movie was going,” the actor said. The film starts when Heisenberg dies and Jesse Pinkman drives off in his car: an El Camino. According to the actor, his character Jesse Pinkman is finally getting an end. “The fans will be happy with this final chapter.”

“We all thought it was done,” Aaron Paul explains. “But the story is alive and still breathing. So much time has passed, but we are still very close just like old friends.”

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