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Data security breach reveals truth about Timur Kulibayev and his mistress Goga Ashkenazi

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Data security is important part of the everyday life. We hear it too often, yet there are still people who neglect the rule. Respublika newspaper got an archive of hacked email of Timur Kulibayev. Although Timur Kulibayev has managed to suppress freedom of the speech in his homeland, the story leaked far beyond Kazakhstan. It even led to some investigations which were closed. We do suspect that not without the generous contribution of Timur Kulibayev himself.

Timur Kulibayev and his team spend fortunes on fancy security and bodyguards, luxurious yachts and business jets but neglect the very basics of the data security. It’s ridiculous that they trust all their secret, even the darkest one to mediocre webmail services. Even there the Timur Kulibayev people do not use any security features. And the most important: the persons in control are easy target of fishing attacks, Belgian Post informs.

The attacks were numerous and judging by the amount of Timur Kulibayev-related leaks, many were successful. Every intricate details of personal and financial life of the ‘Principal’, as sidekicks call their boss, is available due to email of his personal assistant (Serik Akhmetbayev, [email protected]) was cracked wide open. Based on the leaked archives Pubic Eye investigative journalism published their well-known piece on Vitol connection.

Won’t you believe, but massive leak hasn’t led to any form of punishment for the corrupt Timur Kulibayev. Swiss prosecution ‘investigated the case’ and miraculously closed it finding ‘no wrongdoing’ in Kulibayev. It conventionally coincided with a major investment Kulibayev made to Swiss economy.

Goga Ashkenazi, Timur’s mistress.

The ‘Kompromat’ site stores many of the leaks made available to public. One particular portion of the mail archive is dedicated to Goga Ashkenazi – a quite controversial socialite whose real name is Gaukhar Berkalieva. The story of this woman is important as a example of how easy Timur spends millions he stole from the Kazakhstan. People who earn money with sweat and tears do not spend it like that. People who get their money by a strange twist of fate also prefer to spend it more wisely. It’s only oligarchs customs to spend 53.5 million USD for new plane for the mistress. Timur Kulibayev knew that he will get the new money soon. The entire country with its oil, ore and core is at the personal disposal.

Goga Ashkenazi requests a new plane.

As soon as his lover’s plane Gulfstream IV got into minor incident in Italian airport, Timur Kulibayev bought a new plane for her. The new Global 6000 has been bought in just under a week after the incident.

The Global 6000 purchase

The local democratic Respublika newspaper reported about the deal – and it was enough to make Timur Kulibayev trigger-happy. Soon the security forces took the Respublika by storm and the newspaper was closed forever with the editor expelled from the country.

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