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Drake’s father accuses rapper on spreading lies

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The fight between Drake and his father Dennis Graham has reached a low point. It has become so bad between the two that the rapper felt compelled to blow his bile through Instagram Stories about his dad, who disagrees with the way his son portrays him in his songs.

“I woke up with a very hurt heart”

“I woke up with a very hurt heart. My father will say anything to anyone who wants to listen to him. It is sad when your family behaves like this, but what can we do about people with whom we are stuck. Everything I have said it was true and the truth is hard for some people to accept, “said Drake.

In the songs 0 to 100 and Look What You’ve Done, the rapper elaborates in detail on the fact that his father was never there for him, did not keep to agreements and paid no maintenance to his mother.

According to Dennis, Drake would have said that he speaks badly about his father in his songs, “because that just sells well.” Something on which he would have approached his son, which Drake in turn denies.

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