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Eating at a monument in Rome? 250 euros fine, please

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The municipality has a new law that makes fines possible for so-called uncivilized behavior. A fine of 250 euros can be given for eating or drinking at or around monuments. Repeated violations can even result in a restraining order around certain monuments. Rome hopes in this way to limit the inconvenience of the annually growing flow of tourists, for the residents of the city but especially for the monuments.

Rome is gradually introducing the rules. It is a culture change and tourists have the right to a warning before they have to pull the wallet. Most are not aware of any harm when a cop walks towards them whistling and busy.

The city councilor promises that unsuspecting tourists will not be fined immediately. But eating pizza points on the stairs of a monument… people must feel that that is not possible. You just get a fine for that now. And also washing your hands in the Trevi Fountain costs 250 euros from next month. Unfortunately, we have had to conclude that without fines people ultimately do what they want.

For a dive in the historic fountains there was already a fine of 300 euros. With the new rules, it is twice as high. The swimmer must also appear before the criminal court and spend a night in jail.

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