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Elton John: “Michael Jackson was a crazy person”

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The life of Elton John (72) is widely explained by his new biography Me. The singer tells everything about his life and the people who have influenced on it. Similarly Michael Jackson, who according to Elton was a “disturbed person” and around 200 “completely lost his way”

“The pathetic man looked terrible. Very thin and sick”

In his new biography Me, Elton makes no concessions whatsoever and talks frankly about everything he has experienced. In the book he also tells his story about the King of Pop Michael Jackson, reports Radar Online. The singer wondered “which drugs he was pumped with” and claims that Michael “could not handle adult companionship.”

The Rocketman singer did not stop there. “The pathetic man looked terrible. Very thin and sick,” said Elton. Moreover, he noticed that Michael’s nose was “wrapped in some sort of sticky plaster” and that his make-up was done by “maniac.” The two met regularly at parties.

At a lunch where the two pop stars were present, Michael disappeared “out of nowhere” and was later found while playing a game with an 11-year-old boy. “For whatever reason, he didn’t seem to get along well with other adults,” says Elton. According to Elton, Michael had “a mental illness, a disturbed person to be with.” Michael died in 2009.

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