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Expedition – Mariana proves to be a comeback queen in Robinson

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She is perhaps the most discussed participant of the season: Mariana Verkerk (59). The model coach keeps coming back to the island and causing a stir. And the newest episode of Expeditie Robinson is absolutely no exception. Please note: this article contains spoilers.

“Mariana just scares me”

Mariana is completely back in Expedition Robinson. The blonde was sent to Devil’s Island, but she didn’t have to hold out long. She had to compete against Kim Kötter in the dreaded eating test, which also meant the end of the remote location. Mariana had a goal in mind and that was clearly visible during the puzzle. She didn’t need a hint, especially after Kim revealed the first delicacy: an egg with a fetus.

Kim grabbed next to the win and had to leave the program immediately. For Mariana it was time for revenge. “It’s the same song every time,” Kalvin believes when the blonde makes her comeback just before the next test. “Mariana, wow. How is it possible?” Akwasi wonders aloud. “She has become somewhat of my arch-rival.” And he doesn’t say that for nothing, because Mariana has aimed her arrows at the men who have sabotaged her. “I’m back, baby,” she reports to the word artist.

And the viewers fully enjoy it. “Mariana is that annoying pushy mother-in-law who always invites herself and is at the door unannounced”, “Mariana just scares me” and “So funny how people personally treat her while this is all a game” are just a few of the reactions to her eternal return to the island. But Mariana’s plan does not stop there.

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