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Father of model Ivan Smith wants revenge

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Marcel Smit is looking for revenge. His daughter, the Dutch fashion model Ivana Smit, was found dead almost two years ago in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. “I will continue until the end, until my end. Our life is already over anyway”, says Marcel in the AD.

Ivana fell 42 meters from the balcony of Alex and Luna Johnson. Initially an accident was assumed, but since this week the death of the 18-year-old is being investigated again. This time as a murder investigation. Although that was good news for the relatives of Ivana, her father does not have much faith in the murder investigation. “I will never be convicted of murder again. All evidence is gone.”

Marcel swears to destroy the lives of the Johnsons “just as they have destroyed our lives!”. “I promised my daughter justice at the coffin. My daughter died of an overdose, but he threw her off the balcony. And he just has to admit it!”

Ivana’s relatives want to place the Johnsons on a lie detector. The American couple let the AD know nothing about it. “Their request to undergo an old-fashioned lie detector test to establish guilt or innocence is like a witch test in the time of the witch hunt. We are not participating.” According to the Johnsons, the Smit family wants to “rewrite history with their media campaign”. “It is clear to us that this is a PR fight. Not to get justice, but to satisfy their hunger for revenge.”

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