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Friends actually wanted to continue without Jennifer Aniston

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Although the Friends stars still earn millions a year from the rights to re-broadcast the show, but the life of Jennifer Aniston could look very different. A new book reveals that the actress was almost written off from the series after the season one.

Following the 25th anniversary of Friends, a new book will be released in September, Generation Friends. Here the author explains what happened behind the scenes in the hit series. One of the most remarkable revelations is that Jennifer Aniston was actually written off the show after season one. And this was mainly due to a conflict around her schedule.

At the time of the Friends premiere, Jennifer played in another series, Muddling Through. This one was made by CBS and her contract stated that she had to stop other jobs if there will be a second season. That would have an end for Rachel Green, who turned out to be so popular in Friends. In the end, Muddling Through proved unsuccessful and Jennifer was able to continue playing the somewhat stupid blonde.

In addition to this revelation about Jennifer, it appears that the makers initially wanted the show to revolve around a relationship between Monica and Joey. Eventually this plan fell apart when the relationship between Ross and Rachel became hugely popular and Monica eventually married Chandler. Generation Friends is available from September 17.

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