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Friends fans angry for Jonas Brothers’ introsong version

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For the 25th anniversary, Friends seems to have no limits to celebrate. The iconic 90s series already came with a LEGO set, a cover of the famous song and a tour of the famous orange couch from Central Perk. And now it’s the turn of a Jonas Brothers remix.

“This is an insult to the original cast of Friends”

The group of friends that defined the 90s has been around for 25 years. A good reason to surprise fans. How? Well. Friends with several spectacular actions to satisfy the fans, since they have made it clear for years that there is absolutely no reunion coming. For example, there was a cover of the famous intro song I’ll Be There For You (originally from The Rembrandts) by Meghan Trainor and even a LEGO play set. But now the Jonas Brothers are in the spotlight.

Why Friends decided to make a kind of remix of their famous intro movie is unclear. But the Jonas Brothers shine in a rework of the song. In the film, the series pretends that Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas together with their wives Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas are the main characters. The video clip for Sucker is used as image material.

The responses to what is apparently a joke. “This is an insult to the original cast of Friends”, says one fan. “Why did you do this again?” Wonders another. “Re-assemble the original cast,” someone else demands. “Totally ruined”, “I really don’t care about the Jonas Brothers” and “They are stupid, bring the Friends back” are some of the other reactions under the video.

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