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“Frozen 3, 4 and 5 are on the schedule”

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It seems that the overwhelming success of Frozen 2 tastes more. After the Disney movie set a record last weekend for the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated movie, the demand for the next one is not far-fetched. And the lead actress already likes it.

“Sometime next year maybe, with all the protagonists”

Kristen Bell speaks Anna’s voice in the American version of Frozen. Now that the film has just appeared in the cinema, the actress is everywhere and nowhere to promote the film. The same goes for the Kelly Clarkson Show, where the blonde spoke about the possibility of a third installation. Presenter Kelly compared it to the Star Wars trilogy. “Listen, even though I have zero authority and absolutely no control over it,” Kristen began. “But I would like to announce that Frozen 3, 4 and 5 are being made.”

“I hope Disney sees this, because I will step back into the recording studio to record the voice,” the actress continues. “So, let’s just do it! Let’s do it! Again: I have absolutely no control over this, but I would like to announce it one hundred percent.” Moreover, Kelly had another proposal, namely that the voice actors join forces and perform all famous songs together during a concert. “We’ve already talked about that,” says Kristen.

“Of course we all know the music from the first and second film,” Kristen continues. “But there are also a number of songs that no one has ever heard from both films. We talked about doing a concert and maybe even broadcasting it on TV. Sometime next year maybe, with all the protagonists.” The Frozen hearts will be beating harder with this idea. But some believe that the animated film is not suitable for children, as can be seen in the video below.

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