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“Harry and Meghan have to deal with strict Megxit rules”

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Now that Prince Harry (35) and Meghan Markle (38) are taking a step back from the British royal family, they are faced with strict rules regarding the use of their names. The couple wants to become financially independent, but according to insiders they are not allowed to link their name to all kinds of services.

“Nobody wants to see the name of the duke and duchess of Sussex on a tub of margarine”

Queen Elizabeth stated in a statement on Monday evening, January 13, “Harry and Meghan have made it clear that they do not want to depend on public funds in their new lives.” With this the couple seems to get a license to pursue private commercial deals.

A source close to the fire now tells Daily Mail that there will be strict instructions regarding the surf that Harry and Meghan are allowed to do. “No one wants to see the name of the duke and duchess of Sussex on a tub of margarine,” says the source. And Harry would not expect financial support from his father, Prince Charles (71) for very long. Sources claim that Charles is not willing to pay the bill for his youngest son’s new lifestyle. “Harry has no inexhaustible source of public funds.”

Harry and Meghan currently receive two million a year from the Sovereign Grant Fund, which is from Prince Charles. Fortunately for the couple, they already have a nice savings that they can use to get ahead. Their combined wealth is estimated at eighteen million pounds. Harry is said to have 15 million pounds, partly due to the legacy of when his mother, Diana, died.

The first financially independent role seems to have already been chosen. Meghan has entered into a deal with Disney to record a voice-over. In return, Disney helps Meghan raise money for a good cause. In exchange for her vote, a donation goes to aid organization Elephants Without Borders, which is committed to the conservation of elephants in the wild.

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