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Harry Styles will testify against 26-year-old stalker

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Harry Styles is going to testify in court against a Spanish 26-year-old man who would have stalked him for the past two months. According to the former One Direction singer, the Spaniard slept outside near his house and put unsolicited notes in Harry’s letterbox. The Spaniard denies this, reports The Sun.

Harry claims that Pablo Tarazaga-Orero (26) also regularly harasses him on the street near his London home. The Spaniard was arrested by the police at a British airport when he returned from a two-week stay in Spain.

On Monday, he was brought before the judge. He was released on bail on the condition that he handed over his passport to the police. In October the suspect must appear again in court. Harry will then testify behind a screen, without being visible to the suspect.

The Sun spoke among others neighbors of Harry. A neighbor says:

“I saw a man sleeping on a bench across the street from Harry’s house and also in the park. In April he appeared for the first time. In June I saw him for the last time.”

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