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Harvey Weinstein’s brother warned him of misconduct

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Two journalists from The New York Times have written a book about the alleged sexual abuse that Harvey Weinstein has committed. It also deals with the various charges that the once-celebrated Hollywood producer has on his pants. A striking revelation is that Harvey’s brother Bob would have begged him 2 years before the scandal came to seek help with his behavior.

The book, titled She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement, is written by Jodi Kator and Megan Twohey. The two describe how Bob Weinstein warned his brother by means of a letter. “You have put the family and your company to shame. You have always tried to justify your misconduct. If you think there is nothing wrong with your behavior, you can also tell your wife and other family,” said Bob, who set up the Miramax production company together with Harvey. He wanted his brother to undergo medical treatment and to tackle his problems.

Irwin Reiter, a former senior employee of the Weinstein Company, also speaks. Reiter gave the journalists an internal memo in which a colleague extensively described how Weinstein bothered junior employees and actresses. Weinstein’s former assistant Rowena Chiu tells how she received financial compensation to keep her mouth shut about the time her boss assaulted her in a hotel room. After the incident, Chiu claims to have fallen into depression and made several suicide attempts.

The book will be offered to public at Tuesday.

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