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Joker actor improvised in the film

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With his interpretation of the Joker in the film of the same name, Joaquin Phoenix (45) managed to cause quite a fuss and criticism. The actor also surprised the makers on the set by improvising different scenes.

Camera director Lawrence Sher said that Joaquin improvised a lot during the shooting of the hit film. One of those moments was during a scene in which Arthur, as the Joker is actually called, is in a psychosis and throws everything out of the fridge. Then he even crawls into the fridge and that was not in the script.

“We had no idea that he would climb into the fridge. I remember thinking: what is he doing? Did he really climb in the fridge? It was just as fun as it was bizarre to look at, “says Lawrence.

That is not the first time Joaquin has taken matters into his own hands. Director Todd Philips already admitted that the Joker dance was also conceived by the actor. He should have talked to himself in the mirror. When this didn’t work out completely, Joaquin was given the freedom to come up with something.

The film caused quite a stir in both America and the Europe. For example, Gordon announced that he could not sit out the film and decided to leave the room.

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