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Katya Tsukanova (17) dies of drug cocktail ‘Calvin Klein’, billionaire father finds girl dead

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A drug cocktail controversial in the party round cost the life of a teenage girl from London this week. The 17-year-old Katya, daughter of the wealthy Russian Igor Tsukanov, died a few days after giving a classical concert at the iconic Royal Opera House in the British capital.

The death of Katya Tsukanova, one of the country’s greatest talented violinists, according to national media, has hit the UK like a bomb. Her own father found her and immediately raised the alarm, but there was nothing the emergency services could do for her.

Section has shown that the girl died after taking Calvin Klein“, a life-threatening mix of cocaine and ketamine that reappears in the international entertainment circles once in a while. Katya took the deadly drug on a party evening with her friends, just after she turned seventeen.

Katya’s parents have been torn apart by the news and are now warning other parents about the effects of the drugs. ,, She was a very sensible girl, but once she made a very wrong choice. What could we have done as parents? ”, The former banker wonders in conversation with The Telegraph. “Children ultimately do what they want. They never tell you the whole truth. ”

Calvin Klein is considered by experts to be one of the most deadly drug cocktails there is. It would cause significant damage to the brain’s chemical system. A friend of Katya, who prefers to remain anonymous, said the drug combo was “the new thing among Katya and her friends.” “But she doesn’t use it alone, it’s everywhere.”

Katya was the daughter of Russian bankers Igor Tsukanov and Natasha Tsukanova. Together they run the Tsukanov Family Foundation, which is involved in financing art and music projects. Natasha Tsukanova is also chairman of the board of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the UK’s leading orchestras, based in the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Katya, who was found able at playing violin at the age of 5, traveled around the world with music and gave performances at an early age in the iconic concert hall Carnegie Hall in New York. She was recently even named the best young musician at the Suoni dal Golfo Music Festival in Lerice, Italy.

A concert will take place on 11 August in which Katya will be commemorated by friends and fellow musicians.

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