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Keith Bakker stays in jail for two weeks longer

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Keith Bakker (58) has to stay in his cell for two weeks longer. An Amsterdam judge decided that today. However, the former addiction guru, suspected of sexual abuse, reports being innocent and is now suing his former girlfriend. “He thinks there is libel and defamation,” his lawyer tells RTL Boulevard.

“He also says: he was very much in love with that girl”

In 2012, Keith was once sentenced to five years in prison for the sexual abuse of some former clients. Keith Bakker was arrested again by the police two weeks ago because he is again suspected of a sexual offense. The former television presenter himself claims that none of it is true and that he even had a secret relationship with the girl who is now suing him for a year. Moreover, according to Keith’s lawyer, there are a lot of inconsistencies in the story. “That is why my client has decided to make a counter declaration. He thinks it is a false declaration,” he says.

“He is not doing so well, I must say frankly. He is very cheerful, in the sense that he wants to fight for his innocence. On the other hand, it weighs him down very heavily,” the lawyer says shortly after the trial. . “He also says: he was very much in love with that girl. He really understands that, morally speaking, the age difference, many people will think differently about it. But he was really in love with the girl. And in that sense he feels he also betrayed himself very much, for that matter. ”

Today, the court ruled that this suspicion is serious enough to hold Keith for two more weeks. A new investigating judge will then look at the case again.

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