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Kevin Hart does not know what ‘that shit’ of Lil Nas X is

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Although Kevin Hart is currently in hospital as a result of the car accident he had last weekend, he has been discredited about the gross manner in which he broke in during an interview of Lil Nas X, which was recorded earlier. 20-year-old Lil Nas X was asked why he recently decided to come out of the closet, but before he could answer Kevin interrupted him. Variety reports this.

“He said he is gay, so what?”

The two, along with a number of other men, were guests at the HBO program The Shop: Uninterrupted. Interviewer Paul Rivera had just completed his question to Lil Nas X, to which Kevin responded: “He said he is gay, well and what?” The successful rapper responded that he grew up in an environment ‘where you must hate that shit’. Kevin asked him what he meant by “that shit.”

“Come on … if you really come out of the hood, then you really know what I mean,” said Lil Nas X, who consciously chose to have his coming-out now that he is very successful. “Otherwise it would look like a shout for attention and that is not my point at all. Now it is a lot, however.” The rapper scored this year with the hit Old Town Road, which he made a remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Kevin got a good deal of it on Twitter. “Kevin Hart knows exactly what Lil Nas X meant by ‘that shit’ and why a young black guy keeps his sexuality secret before he feels it is safe. Why not listen to what Nas has to say?”, A follower said . Another says: “The anger and bitterness of Kevin Hart about everything that has to do with gays is very annoying. Lil Nas X appears so stable and healthy, while Kevin does not look good at all.”

Lil Nas X, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, revealed to be gay in June.

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