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Leonardo DiCaprio answers: did Jack fit the door with Rose?

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The question that still keeps every film lover busy is: why was Jack not allowed to go to Rose’s door at the end of Titanic? MTV NEWS was also bothered by this question and they put it to the only person who really matters: Leonardo DiCaprio.

MTV NEWS spoke to the actor about his new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Instead of asking about his new work, they asked him about the film discussion that has been occupying Titanic fans for years. Did Jack fit Rose’s door? Leonardo can be brief about it: “No comment.”

His colleagues still want to know. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it,” explains actress Margot Robbie. “That is the biggest point of discussion in the history of the film.” She thinks Jack had looked after the door next to Rose. Actor Brad Pitt is less sure about his case. “Then I have to look back now. But you did fit in, didn’t you,” he asks Leo. The Titanic star holds its lips together: “No comment.”

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