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Jesy Nelson did suicide attempt through online bullying

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Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson tried in 2013 to put an end to her life. The British had fallen into a depression because she was constantly brought down on social media and could not let go of the negative comments, she says frankly in the BBC documentary Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out.

“You can make a nasty remark and think that they won’t see it or that it means nothing, but it does”

Jesy said she became obsessed with the opinions of people on the internet. “Every morning I had a set routine: wake up, open Twitter and search for the worst things I could find about myself,” 28-year-old Jesy tells The Guardian. For example, she searched for “Jesy fat” or “Jesy ugly” and then looked at what appeared. “Sometimes I didn’t even have to do that and I just searched for Jesy and I saw all the worst things. Everyone said I had to ignore it but it became a kind of addiction.”

The singer became depressed, but refused medication and therapy did not help either. Jesy also tried to starve herself in the hope that the negative comments would then stop. Cyberbullying continued, however, after which she wanted to step out of life. The singer said she couldn’t handle the pain anymore.

In the documentary, Jesy tells us that she went to the kitchen and swallowed as many pills as she could. Her boyfriend at the time was able to save her, after which she was taken to the hospital.

Jesy now hopes that people become more aware of negativity on social media.

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