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Lizzo shows her curves completely naked

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We have known for a while that rap artist Lizzo (31) does not shy away from showing her curves. Now the American hit sensation has taken it a step further. She poses completely naked on a couch. Her figure is better than ever seen in the photos and a video.

“Good as hell”

One of Lizzo’s biggest hits is Feelin ‘Good as Hell, and it shows. The rapper exudes a lot of confidence in the photos and video. The confident look in the camera makes it complete. Her long dark hair is strategically positioned, so we just don’t see Lizzo’s naughty parts.

In one of her posts, Lizzo writes “Paint me like ya French bitch”, which refers to the world famous tagline from Titanic. In it, Rose says to Jack “draw me like one of your French girls”, if he wants to capture her naked body on the canvas.

The rap artist receives both positive and negative responses to her two Instagram posts. Nevertheless, the positive reactions prevail. Many people respect the fact that Lizzo embraces her own body and is proud of who she is. Another reaction that occurs frequently is that people think it is so good that they dislike the ideal image that prevails around the world with regard to women. “I wish I had ten percent of her self-confidence,” someone responds.

Yet people are also critical. “This was fun three posts ago. We know now,” writes a critic. But given the confidence of this American rapper, she will still feel “Good as Hell” despite the negative reactions.

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