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Michael Jackson episode of The Simpsons is not included into the Disney + streaming service

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An episode of The Simpsons in which Michael Jackson can be heard is not included in the Disney + streaming service. Although the name of the King of Pop does not appear in the end credits of the 1991 episode, he did indeed speak in the voice of Leon Kompowsky.

In the episode titled Stark Raving Dad, Homer Simpson is mistakenly mistaken for an anarchist, and the father of the yellow family ends up in a psychiatric institution. His roommate there is Leon Kompowsky, who claims that he is actually Michael Jackson.

The episode was written especially for Jackson, who was a big fan of the show. Producers of The Simpsons were not allowed to disclose the many rumors that the singer had actually recorded the voice at the time. In the credits of the episode, the vocal work behind Leon Kompowsky is attributed to John Jay Smith, a pseudonym.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney did not want to respond to the lack of the episode on Wednesday. Last winter, Stark Raving Dad was removed from the schedule for the repeats of The Simpsons. Producers of the show then confirmed that this had happened following the abuse allegations against Jackson in HBO documentary Leaving Neverland.

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