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Midsommar is perhaps the most creepy film of the year

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Spirituality and rituals predominate in the deadly Midsommar. A young American couple goes to a strange midsummer festival in Sweden, but everything goes wrong.

Midsommar follows Dani and Christian, whose relationship is about to collapse. When Christian decides to ask his girlfriend for a midsummer festival in Sweden, together with his friends, things really go wrong. The nice holiday feeling disappears like snow in the sun when it appears that it always remains light at the festival. Moreover, the rituals become increasingly grim and blood-clotting.

The film is made by the same makers as Hereditary, which at release was already described as one of the scariest horror movies in times. Midsommar is also popular with fans of flowing blood and horrible images. The film is widely praised by critics inside and outside the horror genre. Midsommar can be seen in the Dutch cinema from today.

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