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Penoza actor Eric Corton looks back on three years of alcohol-free life

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It has been three years since Eric Corton (50) last drank a drop of alcohol. The actor shares it with his Instagram followers in a long message about how he feels now compared to then.

“Drinked enough alcohol in the first part for a lifetime and it had to stop”

“It was enough,” says the actor about his alcohol consumption. “In the first part I drank enough alcohol for an entire human life and it had to stop. And because I can never do things” a little “, it is rigorous and radical. Not even a glass once in a while.” For Eric there was nothing else to do to stop drinking alcohol altogether. And still he has not drunk a drop.

“Three years ago I took that for myself and to this day, and tomorrow is the best decision I’ve ever made,” Eric continues. “This is the second part. I live totally different, in the moment and consciously. Without fog or cloudiness. Fit and 32 kilos lighter. Sharp and awake.” So it has left a positive impression on the life of the actor.

Yet he also had a hard time with it. “Everything around you is what it is and that has been pretty frightening at first and sometimes dull and crap and sometimes depressing,” Eric explains. “But now, every moment is dear to me. Nice or not nice. It is there without me avoiding it. Sounds like a revelation and it is. After three years I can now really say that it is completely out of my mind.” one system. And that is nice.”

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