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P!Nk: “Crazy to get used to this new reality”

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Singer P! Nk (40) occasionally considers having something done to her face. But in a message to herself on Twitter, she writes that she cannot support it.

“I want my children to know when I’m angry”

“Dear me. You get older. I see wrinkles. Especially when you smile,” the musician starts a series of tweets. “Your nose is getting bigger. It feels crazy to get used to this new reality. But your nose looks like your children’s and your wrinkles appear when you smile. And yes, you idiot, you have smoked.”

She continues the good conversation with herself: “Occasionally you think about having something changed in your face. But then you watch a show and you want to see how the main characters feel, but their faces don’t move. I can’t do that I just can’t do that. I want my children to know when I’m angry. ”

In her concluding tweet, P! Nk, who turned 40 in September, lets it be known that “happy” should never have had her appearance. “So get used to it, because I’m going to grow old-fashioned. (So like a boss in a tutu at 50 kilometers per hour at thirty meters). Yess!”

The singer was supported by colleague Kelly Clarkson. “I understand how you feel,” said the musician on Twitter on Monday. “Well, apart from flying through the air then. I keep an eye on things on the ground, you keep everything safe in the air. I love teamwork.”

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