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Setback for Kesha: rape charge rejected again

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Singer Kesha (32) is not happy. The Tik Tok singer has been fighting in court for years against her former producer Dr. Luke (46). She accused him of, among other things, rape and wanted to leave with her under contract with him. Time and time again it didn’t work. She appealed, but that too was rejected.

Kesha is in heavy weather. The singer has been engaged in a lawsuit against Dr. Luke and it doesn’t go smoothly. The 32-year-old appealed against the court’s decision. Unfortunately that was also rejected, reports E! News. The New York court rejected her request for a reopening. How are things now? Kesha cannot get out of the contract and must continue to work with the producer who sued her for rape.

The reason for the rejection is that the appeal would be “inadequate and without merit”. Moreover, her claims would be “speculative and inconsistent with her previous allegations”. It is the third time that Kesha has attempted to file a complaint against Dr. Luke’s own case, in which he takes her to court for defamation, defamation and breach of contract.

At first it was a lawsuit in which Kesha sued her former producer for sexual and physical abuse. In it she claimed to have been drugged by Dr. Luke and also that he called her fat. He then dragged her to court, claiming that her allegations are untrue and defamatory. In 2016, Kesha finally decided to drop the case, but Dr. Luke continues to stand firm.

Kesha also told her story in a documentary and released an album inspired by her experiences.

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