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Stay off my eggs: Rooster picks woman to death

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Picking up eggs has become fatal to an elderly lady in Australia, when her rooster no longer picked up his potential offspring and attacked the woman. In addition, the bird pierced one of its varicose veins with its beak, which resulted in a fatal bleeding. The name and age of the woman were not disclosed in order to save the family further trauma.

The incident raises the question of whether there are more seemingly innocent animals that, in the elderly in particular, can eventually become fatal. Forensic expert professor Roger Byard, affiliated with the University of Adelaide, has at least a similar incident in which the fatal wound was caused by a scratching cat. A varicose vein tore here too.

He told Adelaide Now:

“It is important that the elderly in particular have their varicose veins treated with a relatively simple operation, because varicose veins are vulnerable. They break down quickly and not just by attacks from (pets), but also by bumping or stumbling … about your cat for example. ”

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