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The Lion King raises a billion dollars worldwide

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Although The Lion King has been in cinemas for nineteen days, the live action film has already raised a billion dollars worldwide. The remake of the 1994 Disney classic of the same name passed this mark on Monday evening, Disney tells American media.

It is the fourth Disney film to go over a billion dollar revenue this year. Last week the counter for Aladdin stood at this amount and Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel also passed the milestone. It is expected that Disney will also be able to fly flags later this year with sequels such as Frozen 2 and the new Star Wars film.

The Lion King also scores enormously in Europe. For example, it was announced on Monday that more than a million visitors, since the Dutch premiere on July 17, came to see the adventures of lion cub Simba and his friends. According to Disney, no other film made that milestone so fast.

The remake, with the voices of Beyoncé and Seth Rogen among others, tells the story of Simba who must succeed his father Mufasa as king of the savanna. When Mufasa dies and Uncle Scar takes the throne, Simba flees to build a new life somewhere else. Isn’t it a Hamlet story? Shakespeare is dead and will not sue the Disney company.

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