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The Suite Life actress ‘not Asian’ enough for film role

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Brenda Song (31) became known as London Tipton in the Disney show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. But apparently she is not eligible for other roles. The actress said in an interview with Teen Vogue that she was “not Asian” enough for a roll in the blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians.

“My image was not Asian enough”

The Disney star told Teen Vogue that she was not eligible for a role in Crazy Rich Asians. “It was said that my image was not Asian enough,” said Brenda. The Suite Life actress was not allowed to audition for the fully Asian cast of the film. But according to director Jon M. Chu, nothing of Brenda’s allegations is correct.

“I love Brenda and it would be terrible if something like that was said to her,” said Jon on Twitter. “That would actually be disgusting. The fact is: I know who she is of course, but we didn’t need auditions anymore. I am a fan of her! Nothing more, nothing less. I am sorry that she thinks something happened.” The director did not stop there. “Would something like that ever come out of my mouth? No, complete nonsense. I think it’s terrible that she thinks this (…) She doesn’t have to audition because I already knew about her existence.”

But it was a painful period for Brenda. “I thought: this character is in his twenties, Asian-American and I am not allowed to do an audition? I have auditioned so often for white characters, but in this specific role you will not even let me come along? And you do that because you have seen my work on television for so long? “she continued. After the setback she went on a journey to come to her senses. In the end, she did not make the film, although Crazy Rich Asians did not suffer. The blockbuster managed to rake in 238 million.

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