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This is how the creators of Gray’s Anatomy get inspired.

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With so many seasons behind it, it’s not surprising that the makers of Grey’s Anatomy occasionally go looking for something for inspiration. Now fans know for sure that they too have a hand in the final storylines. And that has everything to do with social media. Please note: this article contains spoilers for season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy.

“I am 100% convinced that the makers come here for ideas”

Reddit is the forum where all kinds of fans come together worldwide to discuss their favorite programs. Grey’s Anatomy is, not surprisingly, one of them. After sixteen successful seasons (and at least one on the way) it is the favorite series of many viewers. For so many years, the same characters and storylines it is not surprising that they themselves have sometimes lost the thread. Attentive fans discuss things like this on social media and now they are convinced that they are the reminders of the makers.

The reason for this is an emergency operation. The daughter of the beloved character Meredith, Zola, needed urgent care and finally attention was paid to an important part of her character. “The writers finally acknowledge the fact that Zola suffers from open back (spina bifida),” said one Reddit writer. “Maybe they read everything on this forum?” Says another fan.

And that theory is not that crazy. Moreover, there is more evidence for this. “I am 100% convinced that the makers come here for ideas. First, it went out between Jackson and Maggie. Second, we get more and more references to Cristina in the last episodes than in the past five seasons. And now finally the open back of Zola. ” Of course it can also be that the writers and makers are very creative and come up with their own original ideas all these years. Still a nice theory.

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