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This Riverdale theory about Jughead is too bizarre for words

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Every season of Riverdale brings with it hundreds, if not thousands, of phantoms. This season, too, it hits the mark. The newest theory that is now releasing on Reddit really hits everything. Please note this article contains spoilers!

The fourth season of the popular drama series of The CW is about the mysterious disappearance around Jughead Jones, played by Cole Sprouse. Although we still think it is very strong that the script writers would write one of the favorite characters from the series, more is known about his death every week.

Yet we still see Jughead many times in the new season based on flashbacks where we see the character ticking nicely behind his laptop. And that is precisely what the latest theory is based on. According to some fans, Riverdale would not exist at all, but the town would be one big giant fantasy from the brain of the young writer. This would mean that the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King are not real at all.

It all sounds very logical, since Jughead also does the voice-over of the show and almost every episode starts and ends with a monologue from the beanie enthusiast. Another viewer also noted that the very first sentence of the show was literally: “This story is about a town, a small place and the people who live there.” Hmm … In addition, every episode has the title ‘chapter’. By this do they mean episodes from Jughead’s book?

To reinforce the theory even more, there is now the competition around the books of the Baxter Boys. Jughead and his classmates participate in a competition to become the new ghostwriter of a successful series of books that are all about … you guessed it: mysterious murders. Exciting!

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