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Victoria Koblenko frank about ‘ideal’ Evgeniy Levchenko

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Victoria Koblenko does not know whether he is the perfect man. But for her, Evgeniy Levchenko is at least the ideal match. That tells the 38-year-old actress.

“It’s the ideal man for me right now”

“Let me put it this way: it is the ideal man for me at the moment”, Victoria answers to the question whether “Lev” is the perfect man for her. “I am much more relaxed now than in the past. Holding on to the certainty that true love for life is no longer necessary.”

From November 3, Victoria will be in the theater with her comedy. My husband does not understand me. That title does not apply to her situation, Victoria says, but that has been different once. “In the meantime, we are for the most part aligned. That was different before we separated, five years ago. Then we understood each other in absolutely nothing.”

Several relationship experts and coaching sessions further, the couple are doing well, together they have one son: Kiy (3). According to Victoria, the two had to “rebuild their communication”. “That was incredibly hard work, because we had to put our egos aside.” Victoria read a lot of relationship books and calls it a “skill” to get into a relationship. It is certainly not impossible, the actress emphasizes. “We succeeded too.”

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